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Why Choose Chrisel's Affordable Care LLC?

Elderly care for the ones you love around Suffield, CT

We understand that when your loved ones can no longer take care of themselves or handle chores around their home, it can be overwhelming. We also understand it’s overwhelming when you feel helpless making sure they are properly cared for. When life’s challenges keep you from taking care of your loved ones or chores around the home, Chrisel’s Affordable Care LLC is here to help with elderly care services. Our goal is to make life easier during this difficult time and keep your family together at home longer.

Client Testimonials

We encourage our clients and families to leave feedback, testimonials or comments regarding our agency. Please email any information to: oneononeelderlycare@gmail.com

We have elderly care experience you can trust

One of the most important things to consider when you're looking for someone to provide at-home care is that they are qualified.

From medication reminders to personal care, you can trust that our professional team has the knowledge and experience necessary to make sure that your loved one is in the best hands no matter what challenge they are facing. Contact Chrisel's Affordable Care today to learn more about our personalized plans.

We offer personalized care

It's hard enough feeling like you can't be there for your family member when they need you most. How can you trust a complete stranger to take your place?

Chrisel's Affordable Care LLC is dedicated to treating your family just like we treat our own. We listen to you and your loved one's needs and then create a personalized in-home care experience that will help you rest easy.

We offer services you can afford

When you're facing medical and monthly expenses, the cost of at-home care can often just feel like another burden to add to the list of financial challenges. At Chrisel's Affordable Care LLC, we believe that professional and caring at-home care shouldn't add more stress to what you and your family are already going through. We offer a wide variety of services at affordable prices for your convenience. We even offer 24/7 supervision to ensure your loved one is always safe.

Helping your loved ones remain in their home.
We have the passion, dedication, commitment
and knowledge to make that happen.